What are First-Step-Classes?

These classes are made for raw recruits and greenhorns who can’t find free time on weekdays.To make better progresses you buy a package of 4 units in advance – one lesson of 90 minutes each Saturday. The dates are fix and can’t be refunded except you already know at the beginning that you can’t join one of these fixed dates!

Within 4 weeks you learn the basics of Pole Dance and a little mini choreography to combine all the things to a sensual dancing routine. After one month the next package starts in the same way but with a new mini choreography, so that you can book as many packages as you want, they are all different!

And the best thing: If you want to come more than once a week, it’s also possible, because you will get well prepared for our level 1 classes!

Your advantages are obvious:

  • classes are regularly on Saturdays from 10-11.30
  • it’s a compact and efficient training
  • it’s not necessary to wait for New Years pledge, but start straight
  • one person per pole
  • 90 intensive minutes
  • concentration to the essential
  • important tricks and know-how direct from the beginning
  • qualified support
  • small groups
  • 4×90 minutes for 99 Euro