Burlesque Dance – Hen´s night


Burlesque is the most dramatic, lascivious and sensual way to express your feminine side! There are no rules, because there are many different ways and styles to express yourself with a lot of glamour and fun.

Burlesque-Newsletter 2-cut-internetBurlesque is quite similar to pole dancing: everything you feel comfortable with is right, so do it!

What you need before you start is an extraordinary Burlesque outfit. It is critical to have the right accessories for Burlesque, more than any other kind of dancing!

You will attract the audience with your playful and flirtatious performance while you pretend to strip without being real naked at the end! It’s a sensual way to play a feminine and sexy role, an erotic adventure, a hidden personality on a very high level. There is a lot of space for your own creativity and fun!


Please bring along:

Some accessories to “play” with, e.g. a long pair of gloves, a long and thin scarf, a fan, a garter, an umbrella, a walking stick, a long necklace or what ever inspires you to play and have fun with. It is not necessary that everybody has the same things. You can take anything you can imagine that you can find at home!