When can I have my first “Schnupperstunde”?

  • you can always come along for a class level 1, it`s not necessary to make an appointment, when you have time you can join us =)!
  • all our classes last 90 minutes and include an intensive warm-up

Is it also possible to watch the training in a first step?

  • if you want to make Pole Dance your new kind of sports it is absolutely necessary to join the class completely
  • if you want to get an impression of things that are possible to do within Pole Dance you can also watch youtube videos – but in this case please don´t start with watching champion chip videos ;)!

What to bring along?

  • a short and tight-fitting panty – otherwise you give some insight
  • some long pants (only in winter times)
  • thick socks (only in winter times)
  • a small towel
  • an ordinary sport shirt (nothing special)
  • something to drink
  • no shoes!
  • if you have some liquid chalk (only if you already have it!)

Which is the right class for me?

  • beginners start with level 1
  • if you have any previous knowledge you can start with level 1-2
  • if you are advanced you can join our level 2 classes easily
  • if you are very experienced you start with our level 3 classes
  • our “Schnupperkurs” is recommended but not a must

Is it possible to do Pole Dancing when being pregnant?

  • if you have the necessary motivation and ambition everything is possible!
  • it`s essential: when you are pregnant at first it is your one and only decision if you want to do sports or not
  • of course there are some movements (especially lying on the stomach) which have to be replaced
  • in general pregnancy won`t be a handicap
  • there are many things that can be done being pregnant =)

Do we need shoes?

  • no, we don´t need them, we will be barefoot or in socks or something that`s similar

How does the “Blockunterricht” work?

  • it`s your decision when you take part
  • you point out your joining dates in advance and also pay for them in advance
  • there are no rules for an order, you just say when you want to join
  • if you can´t join your predicted appointments, there is no claim for refund or credit voucher
  • as more lessons you buy in advance as cheaper each class gets
  • it´s the cheapest way to start with Pole Dancing

Is there an age limitation for Pole Dance?

  • Pole Dancing is another way to do gymnastics, there is neither a minimum nor a maximum age to start this kind of sports
  • if you bring the necessary motivation, ambition, discipline and courage along, everybody can earn success, despite of age, condition or strength

I don`t have strength and flexibility!

  • everybody has to start once – and at the begining there won´t be anything of: strength, flexibility or hardiness
  • if you go on training hard, diligent and continuous, with the necessary power of volition everything can be reached =)!

My arms are too weak!

  • everybody has to start once – and at the begining there won´t be anything of: strength, flexibility or hardiness
  • if you go on training hard, diligent and continuous, with the necessary power of volition everything can be reached =)!

Am I too heavy to start with Pole Dancing?

  • natürlich wird Pole Dance um so einfacher, je günstiger das Verhältniss von Körpergewicht zu Muskelmasse ist, demnach ist die Aussage „schwer“ relativzu Beginn fällt es jeder schwer, ihren Armen zu vertrauen, da wir es nicht gewohnt sind, so viel mit unseren Armen zu arbeiten.
  • wo ein Wille ist, ist auch ein Weg und dabei stellt Übergewicht kein Hindernis dar!

Is there audience?

  • no, there is nobody watching you, we are doing sports and we are neither a strip club nor a place for public entertainment!

Do we have to strip?

  • no, of course not!
  • there is only the change from street to sports wear, that`s it

Are there male or female trainers?

  • at the moment there are only female trainers

Do you have a changing room and a shower?

  • yes, we do have changing rooms and a shower as well

Will I get bruises?

  • bruises are not the only minor injury you will get 😉
  • another nice souvenir is muscle ache, scrapes, blisters, a lot of hard skin on your hands and perhaps on your feet as well and sometimes you can also get a hematoma
  • Pole Dancing is not made for softies – and that´s no joke!

Is it possible to use body lotion the day before?

  • the day before it´s no problem to use body lotion
  • but shortly to the class it´s better not to use it

When do the classes take part?

  • on our page you can find the actual time table
  • classes take part every day – except saturdays, there we have special offers for workshops or crash classes or other special events

When can I see first improves?

  • this depends on you: how often you take part, your motivation, your will power, your ambition and your adaption play a necessary role
  • but mostly you will be surprised because after each class you will have gained knowledge =)

Will be a trainer holding the classes?

  • in all of our classes will be a qualified trainer holding the class
  • there are special classes called “freies Üben”, there is no trainer, you can train what ever you want and be able to train

How many participants are in the classes?

  • normally there are 3 to 12 people