Class structure

Class explanations:

 Classes level I

These classes are your first step to start with Pole Dance. You learn the very basics as well as dancing connecting parts.The focus is:

  • different grip, turn, climb and hold techniques
  • posture knowledge
  • many ways to get into and out of a move
  • strength, flexibility and enduringness

These classes are needed to go on with Pole Dance. You will get the fundamental knowledge, so that all the beginners are gladly welcomed!

Classes of level II

Your second step on your way to get a real good Pole Dancer!

We assume that you know about the various kinds of grips, turns and hold techniques as well about the names of the pole moves.

On the one hand, the degree of difficulty will increase but that won’t be your only challenge. On the other hand we also try to make you feel comfortable with all the moves from level I so that you know about their connection without thinking about them.

Our focus is making you dance =)!

And of course there will be many new moves to learn!

Classes of level III

Now the real challenge is coming…feeling the music, express yourself, feeling comfortable and sexy with your style of dancing!

There are still new mini-choreos with acrobatic and dancing parts but there is no “Masterchoreo” for the level III participants – and that is where the problem begins ;)…

We will see you feeling free in your way of combining all these new inputs for the last few month.

Trial Lessons

We offer special trail lessons so that everybody has the chance to get to know Pole Dance – with all its pain, bruises, pressures, contusions and fun ;)!

You can either join a special trial class on sundays 4.30 pm – there are only real beginners who haven#t done any Pole Dancing before or you take directly part in a real class of level I on mondays at 7pm or on fridays at 6.30 pm.

If you want to take part at a special trial class we kindly ask you to register for that (register here).

If you want to take part at an ongoing class it is not necessary to register.

Independent training

Members are allowed to come whenever they have time and delight to train for themselves – for free!

Non members and regular payers have to pay 12 Euro per unit, time-card holders, students and pupils get special conditions: for only 10 Euro you can use our studio.