There are different ways to start with Pole Dancing:

I. Memberships:

The cheapest and most effective way is to get a member. You can use the complete catalogue of Pole classes and times of „free“ training (means training without a teacher) as well. You join as often as you want and can. We have reduced prices for students, pupils and trainees.


The course fee has to be paid monthly

a) Membership for 1 month 199 Euro
b) Membership for 3 month 179 Euro
c) Membership for 6 month 159 Euro
d) Membership for 12 month 139 Euro
e) Membership for 24 month 119 Euro

II.Time card system:

If you prefer flexibility and freedom this could be your way to start your new hobby. You only pay when you join a class. Your card is valid for one year and is transferable, but not refundable. We have reduced prices as well.

Students, pupils and trainees get special offers. 


10 times timecard 249 Euro
Schnupperkarte 5×90 minutes 125 Euro

III. Blockunterricht:

This is our cheap alternative of a classic time card!

You tell us in advance which classes you will take part. These dates can be absolutely arbitrary and without any chronological order. If you can`t take part in any of your chosen selections there is no chance to catch up any of them.

Your card is not transferable or refundable.

These kind of classes make you take part regularly because you paid in advance, so there is a guarantee for a fast success, you will enhance your knowledge quickly and your abilities will improve easily!

There are special conditions for students, pupils and trainees.

6x Blockunterricht 180 Euro
8x Blockunterricht 200 Euro
10x Blockunterricht 220 Euro

IV. Trial Lesson

Individual Payment 30 Euro for 90 minutes